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Jump Start Your Third Year


What is Jumpstart Your 3rd Year?

The purpose of this REQUIRED meeting is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss academic progress to degree, career plans, intended graduation date, and personal goals during their second year at UC Merced.

Completing Jump Start will allow YOU to:

  • Identify resources available to help you track and sustain academic progress
  • Outline your remaining semesters by developing a graduation plan
  • Determine how to organize and approach your academic plan utilizing your audit and MyDegreePath tools

What resources are available to assist me in creating my graduation plan?

  • Toe learn more about using the Plan Builder tool on MyDegreePath, please click HERE
  • A pre-recorded Jump Start Your Third Year workshop video hosted by School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Peer Navigators can be found HERE.

If you would like to add a minor into your course planning for the graduation plan, you can find information regarding minors by visiting the UC Merced Catalog. Click on "Academic Programs" in the left column.

What is required to complete my meeting?

To learn more about what is required for the meeting, please click on your academic advising unit's advising webpage below to learn more:

For more information on majors and minors, please view the UC Merced Catalog