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Supporting the educational journey of our students
professor and student working with chemicals in a beaker
Future Scientists
A degree in the sciences opens the door to a vast array of exciting careers.
students at graduation walking in a line
You Are On Your Way
Graduation is in your future! You can do anything you set your mind to doing.
Professor and Students working with fossils
Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
SSHA majors are poised to do just about anything.
Future Engineers of UC Merced flying a drone
Future Engineers
From artificial intelligence to energy-conversion systems, UC Merced is educating tomorrow's engineers.
UC Merced Advising Offices
UC Merced Advising Offices
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Our Mission

UC Merced undergraduate academic advising, in collaboration with the campus community, promotes student success by empowering students to become self-directed learners and decision makers in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive.

We provide quality academic advising and related services to support students in developing their educational plans and maximizing their university experience.

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Advising Goals

  1. Promote appropriate progress to degree for native and transfer students   
  2. Provide students with advising resources and materials that are accurate, current, and understandable, using delivery formats that respond to student needs   
  3. Provide interactive advising in formats that meet student preferences and needs in timely and effective ways  
  4. Provide advising that is tailored to the distinctive needs of specific student populations, and reflects the unique environment of a research university    
  5. Facilitate student learning and self-advocacy in relation to reaching academic goals and career plans
  6. Support implementation of faculty approved curriculum changes for courses and academic programs