About Advising


UC Merced undergraduate academic advising, in collaboration the campus community, promotes student success by empowering students to become self-directed learners and decision-makers. In an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive, we provide quality academic advising and related services to help students develop sound educational plans and to take full advantage of their university experience.

Advisor Service Goals

  1. Promote appropriate progress to degree for native and transfer students.    
  2. Provide students with advising resources and materials that are accurate, current, and understandable, using delivery formats that respond to student needs.    
  3. Provide interactive advising in formats that meet student preferences and needs in timely and effective ways.      
  4. Provide advising that is tailored to the distinctive needs of specific student populations, and reflects the unique environment of a research university.   
  5. Facilitate student learning and self-advocacy in relation to reaching academic goals and career plans.    
  6. Support implementation of faculty approved curriculum changes for courses and academic programs

As a result of advising activities in support of the above goals, UC Merced undergraduates will:

  • Assume personal responsibility for their undergraduate and post graduate planning, taking advantage of the resources of a research university.
  • Meet with professional advisors to make use of advisors’ knowledge and resources in support of their academic and career goals.
  • Make effective use of advising resources to advance their degree and career aspirations.
  • Make timely progress to degree, completing their degree with four years or alternatively the normative time for the program.

Functions and Services in Support of Goals and Mission

Services for Students

  1. Support students in applying university and school policies, regulations, programs and procedures in service of their personal educational needs.
  2. Consult academic performance and implications of students’ performance on undergraduate program and degree completion (e.g. progress to degree).
  3. Notify students of significant changes to university or school policies.
  4. Be available to meet with students each semester to discuss class registration and degree progression.
  5. Help students explore interests, abilities and goals and how these translate into an academic major.
  6. Offer advice for course selection and satisfaction of degree requirements.
  7. Facilitate appropriate referrals to faculty members within the students’ area of interest.
  8. Assist students facing difficulties that affect their education.
  9. Refer students to appropriate university support services as needed.
  10. Facilitate the review and implementation of academic course articulation.
  11. Review eligibility for reinstatement, major change, double majors and school-based scholarships.
  12. Help students understand how to thrive at a research university like UC Merced.

Services for Faculty

  1. Clarify university and school policies, regulations, programs and procedures.
  2. Facilitate the review and implementation of academic course articulation.
  3. Collaborate on and implement curriculum offerings, revisions and requirements.

Services for the UC Merced Community

  1. Participate in campus initiatives to recruit, orient, and promote student success.
  2. Facilitate the development and implementation of institutional processes involving curriculum and advising.
  3. Develop and maintain advising resources that reflect current program requirements.
  4. Identify and communicate evidence of student needs in order to facilitate evidence-based institutional decision making in support of student success.

Services and goals informed by the CAS Standards for Academic Advising Programs.