Final-Year Plan for Success

By the conclusion of your final year of college, you will:

1.  Confirm and enroll in your final degree requirements

  • Run MyAudit at the start of your final year
  • Check your final course and grade requirements
  • Meet with your academic advisor to stay on track
  • Apply for graduation for the term in which you will complete your requirements

2.  Clearly identify your career path and have an action plan

  • Narrow job search/grad school applications to relevant sphere
  • Update your resume
  • Complete necessary testing GRE/ LSAT/MCAT/DAT etc.
  • Gather letters of recommendation (as appropriate)

3.  Articulate the relevance of your education and experiences at UC Merced to your future plans by meeting with the Center for Career and Professional Advancement or relevant university resource to

  • Create a strong interview narrative that includes UCM specific experiences (research, clubs, community service, internships, volunteerism, scholarships/awards)
  • Write a strong personal statement