Mid-Semester Grades

Around the eighth week of the semester, professors are required to submit mid-semester grades in lower division classes (numbered 1-99) to the Registrar’s Office.

Mid-semester grades are not recorded on your transcript and do not affect your GPA.  They are a “progress report” from your instructors to help you know how you are doing at the mid-point of the semester.

In Fall 2019, instructors must submit mid-semester grades to the Registrar’s Office by 12:00 noon on Wed. 10/23/19.  You will be able to see your mid-semester grades in Cat Courses and in your student portal later that day.

If you are doing well in your classes, congratulations!  Use your mid-semester grades to think about how you can maintain strong grades (or raise them) during the last half of the semester.  Will you qualify for the Dean’s Honor List or Chancellor’s Honors List?

If you have one or more mid-semester grades of D+ or lower, now is the time for action!  You will receive an email on Fri. 10/25/19 providing information on academic support resources.  Depending on your mid-semester grades, you may also be required to meet with your academic advisor to talk about ways to improve your grades in the second half of the semester.

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