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About the Bobcat Advising Center

Welcome to the Bobcat Advising Center, the academic advising home for all first year students in every major who enter UC Merced in Fall 2018 and after!  The Bobcat Advising Center is also the academic advising home for all undeclared students in any class year.  We are here to support you on your educational journey and help you reach your personal and academic goals.

Our team includes:

     Dr. Michelle Roppeau, Director of First Year and Undeclared Advising

     Kenya Alas, Academic Advisor

     Mel Barbers, Academic Advisor

     Lauren Brackett, Academic Advisor

     Francisco Bucio, Academic Advisor

     Janelle Fry, Academic Advisor

     Angelica Gomez Avina, Academic Advisor

     Ashley Mansfield, Academic Advisor

     Lucia Ramirez-Munoz, Academic Advisor


Who is my academic advisor in the Bobcat Advising Center?

First year students will receive an email on their UCM email account during the week of Aug. 13th-17th with their assigned academic advisor in the Bobcat Advising Center.

What if I have academic questions during early August before I receive my academic advisor assignment?

First year students should email the Bobcat Advising Center academic advisor who emailed your course recommendations for fall semester classes.  You can also call the main Bobcat Advising Center number at (209) 291-9739 or email

What else should I do in early August?

Be sure to register for at least 12 units in fall semester to trigger full-time status.  Most first year students take 14-16 units in the first semester.  Registration is open 24 hours/day and 7 days/week at this time.

In addition, read and respond to your UCM email account daily and log in to your UCM portal to view the first year student checklist.  The checklist includes important information related to Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, etc. as well as links and contact information for other offices on campus.

Why is meeting with my Bobcat Advising Center advisor important to my success?

Academic advising is a team effort!  You'll want to read and understand the UCM General Catalog as well as the requirements for your intended major.  Your academic advisor in the Bobcat Advising Center will get to know you and will provide the support and information you need to make decisions about your education.  Academic advisors in the Bobcat Advising Center care about you as a whole person and will help you begin to build the academic foundation, experiences, networks, and connections that lead to your personal definition of success.

Attending UCM as a full-time student is a time commitment equivalent to more than a full-time job.  While academic success is ultimately your responsibility--and classes and your related academic work should be a top priority--your Bobcat Advising Center advisor is a crucial part of your network of support.

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​Contact the Bobcat Advising Center

Office location: Classroom Office Building 2 (COB2), Room 261

Main phone number: (209) 291-9739

General email:

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Requesting an Override

Overrides may be needed to register for certain classes at UCM.

All override requests should be submitted directly to your assigned academic advisor at least 2-3 business days before your registration time.  Send override requests from your UCM email account only.  You can also send a message to the general Bobcat Advising Center email at Include your name, ID number, intended major(s), the course in which you wish to enroll, and the reason that you need an override.

Major Override

Undeclared students wishing to enroll in MATH 21, MATH 22, PHYS 8, or PHYS 9 must submit a request for a MAJOR override. Only students who plan to major in Engineering, Applied Math, Chemistry, or Physics need to enroll in these courses.  Speak with your assigned academic advisor for more information.

Repeat Override

UCM policy allows students to repeat a maximum of 16 units in which you earned a D+ or lower grade.  If you think you may need to repeat a course, it is best to meet with your assigned academic advisor in person during walk-in hours or an appointment to discuss how repeating the course may affect your academic progress, intended major, academic standing, graduation plan, post-graduate plans, and more.

You must request a "repeat override" from your assigned academic advisor for any course you hope to repeat.  To submit a repeat override request, email your advisor directly from your UCM email account.  Include your name, UCM ID number, intended major(s), and the course you wish to repeat.  You can also send an email to the general Bobcat Advising Center email at

If you are trying to repeat a course for a third time (or more), you will need to fill out the "Petition for Second or Subsequent Repeat" form which can be found on the Registrar's website.

Time Conflicts Between Two Classes

You will need to plan your classes each semester so you do not have time conflicts between your classes.  If there is a time conflict, you should look at alternate sections (different times) of one of the classes or look at alternate classes that fill other requirements that you still need to complete to graduate.

UCM policy does not allow students to enroll in classes that meet at the same time or have final exams at the same time unless the student has advance consent from both instructors.  In the extremely rare case where you think you might need to enroll in two required courses with a time conflict, you would need to meet with both instructors in advance to obtain permission by using the Time Conflict Override Form.


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